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Creating Memories for
50 Years
Creating Memories for
50 Years

..what our good friends have said

Linda Hurtado and Jorge Figueredo

Dear Jose, Jorge and I want to thank you for all you did this year. The wedding video is Excellent, all we hoped for. We know you went above and beyond what was promised to us because you cared enough to do so. We would recommend your work to any of our friends. We also appreciate your attendance to the rehearsal and the pictures you took there. That's just another indication of how you went beyond your job to please us. Jorge and I show the video to all our friends when they come over. It's entertaining and well put together. Thanks again, Linda Hurtado and Jorge Figueredo (Local Television Personality)

Hopie Randall

Dear Jose, Wayne and I thank you personally for everything that you have done for us at our wedding both before and after. The photographic proofs and video were excellent. When our family and friends saw the pictures and the video, the ooooed and ahhhhed over it. These pictures make us look so gorgeous. We tell them that we could not have had a better photographer. You took fantastic pictures, and most of all, you were pleasant to work with. Wayne and I really appreciated all of your help - at times it seemed like you were the only one who knew what was going on at the reception! We appreciated the way you met with us before the wedding, to plan out carefully the kinds of pictures to be taken, and we appreciated the helpful suggestions you made along the way. During this process, we were assured of your expertise and your experience became abundantly clear, which made us feel confident that you would do a great job. At the wedding itself, your professional, organized manner helped us to enjoy our big day. You and Silvia kept everyone happy, just in the right mood for terrific pictures and filming. I don't think we expected our photographer to become such a wonderful, integral guest at our own wedding, but you were like a good friend to us, and extremely competent friend at that. The sheer number of pictures you took, and their overall quality, were truly impressive. Our guests specially admired your courteous manner as you were working through the wedding, snapping memorable shots. Altogether, the pictures and the video will surely be a treasured part of our lives, as reminders of a lovely, happy, sunny day in March. We know that behind the pictures there's the work of an excellent professional, and a really pleasant and wonderful individual. Thank you again for the beautiful pictures of our wedding. We have received many compliments on them Sincerely, Hopie Randall

Mr. and Mrs. Carvalho

Jose, I just wanted to take a moment of your time and thank you for helping to make my wedding such a huge success. As you know you took on the responsibility of the Photography, Videography, and DJ for our wedding. Taking the combined package was the best thing we could have ever done. AVRP not only gave me the best price but also complete piece of mind. The combined package was definitely the way to go! With AVRP staff you will never have to worry because they will never miss a beat. Everything was perfect and detailed to my individualized needs. You and your staff truly made my wedding a picture perfect event that I will be able to treasure forever. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Carvalho

Alain Mena Galindo (Amigo and Web Designer)

The many times you call me out of the blue makes me laugh. Because when I do answer, we talk for a while whether about photography, or technology. Always have a great conversation. The oldest website document time and date stamp goes back to January 24, 2007 12:00 AM. That would be the time I uploaded the first website I ever created for anyone. Today, on June 24th, 2012 4:06 AM I gift you my first website ever, since I've taken design as a career.

ps.. This is to show you my appreciation for your work and dedication to photography after 50 years plus in the business.