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Creating Memories for
50 Years
Creating Memories for
50 Years


Your Wedding

Unobtrusively capturing all the details that make your wedding day unique, creates a compelling visual story of the moments that matter most to you. Artistically composing your movie we strive to connect with the personalities of our subjects to fill our films with emotion, meaning and atmosphere.

"We wouldn't want to miss a single moment."

Your Quince's

Sincerely, deep in our hearts you mean the world to us. A lot happens over a lifespan, including your wedding day. It takes a few more steps before that, so savoring the good times is just as important as capturing them.

As well all get older we try to look back and remember what we use to be like. With today;s technology anyone can film. In all truth, wouldn't you rather all your family and friends to enjoy the time just as much? We're not just a day in your life. We believe in seeing you throughout all your celebrations.

Our Goal

..is to provide our clients with a high quality and entertaining video, that will become a treasured keepsake of their wedding day. We offer videos based on the "Storybook" concept, starting with photomontage of childhood photographs of the bride and groom, followed by photographs of them together from their engagement time, with their favorite background music. Then the ceremony in its entirety, edited from the best viewing angles. The reception highlights follow, with all the care to not miss any important announcements and entertaining parts. And to close, a photomontage of honeymoon photos, again with their favorite background music.


  • Professional Quality Cameras, and Microphones
  • Advanced Editing Equipment
  • Industry Standard Editing Software

Our videos carry the highest standard of image quality and sound, giving you the best possible viewing and listening pleasure when playing them back.

"Our videos become a keepsake of your wedding memories."

Other Video Services

Besides all the pretty and pretty and pink, we're proud to offer many other services.

  • Legal
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • "This is your Life" (the perfect co-worker gag or gift. A video photomontage.)

Just For You

A $50 discounts is available for Photography or DJ packages when we provide more than one service.

Video has become a very popular way to capture all the joy and emotion of your wedding day. Not just to watch in our homes, but to share with all of our friends across the world and over the Internet.

For you to watch, enjoy.